Small Groups and Bible Studies

At RGV  We offer various small group, book studies and Bible Studies throughout the year.  We believe it's critical to our growth to be connected in small circles.  Check on our events page or send us an email to see what is going on now.

School of Kingdom Ministry

Part of the very DNA of the Vineyard Movement, the theological foundation of it really is the understanding that Jesus came announcing and demonstrating the Kingdom of God. In Jesus’s demonstration of what it looks like when God’s Kingdom, (the place where His dynamic will is done) comes he touched the blind and their sight was restored. He prayed for the sick and they were healed. He cast demons out of those that were being harassed by them. The work that Jesus began, he left to be carried on by his followers, and the Kingdom that He came announcing and demonstrating is still breaking into the dark places of this earth. We are a hub location for the School of Kingdom Ministry because it trains, prepares, and helps us as followers of Jesus to put into practice and partner with the Spirit of God in seeing His work continue here today.

If you are a follower of Jesus that would like to learn to partner more and more with Him in the gifts and works of the Holy Spirit, this may be exactly what you have been looking for!  This is a 9 month course that runs September - May.  


School of Kingdom Ministry will be offered again starting September of 2022.

Counseling, Care &
Prayer Ministries

We offer numerous resources for people to get spiritual, emotional, relational and physical healing.  These include discipleship, mentoring, healing prayer opportunities and counseling.  Our pastors, counselors and prayer teams are well trained and have years of experience.  See each of the descriptions below:  

Discipleship - This is a one-on-one meeting with your discipler weekly or every other week for approximately 6 months where you go through a particular Bible study or book to develop better Biblical knowledge.  Request to be discipled.


Mentoring - Here you can sign up to meet with a mentor once a month for approximately 6 months where you chat about life (goals, troubles, direction, etc).   Request a mentor.

Counseling - Our free counseling services are for those that attend RGV.  We do also make low cost counseling available on a case-by-case basis to those outside the RGV family.  If you are in need of counseling, please call the church at 719-315-GROW.


SOZO Prayer Ministry - SOZO in Greek means Saved, Healed & Delivered.  It is a special prayer technique developed through the Bethel Church.  You can request a SOZO by clicking here.


Healing Prayer Ministry Time - these dedicated prayer times bring encouragement, proclaim scriptures over you, can include deliverance and use various prayer techniques.  Our teams are trained through the School of Kingdom Ministry, Freedom from Darkness, 5 Step Prayer Model, etc. You can request a prayer time here.


Healing Room Nights - This is simply a night we dedicate every other month for people to come and receive prayer from our teams.  You can check our Facebook page for upcoming dates.

The Pantry of Fremont

The Pantry of Fremont has moved their distribution to the Pregnancy Center.  For more information on their services or volunteering visit their Facebook page or website.