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Jesus came to establish His kingdom on the earth and he had one thing in mind to power that mission.....the local church. And we believe that no other thing is capable of bringing life transformation and power like a local church. Your tithe and offering fuels the ministry of Royal Gorge Vineyard Church and makes it all possible. When you give, you step into something bigger than yourself, so thank you for being a part of that mission....God's mission.



An offering is a gift above and beyond your regular tithe. For example, if you give to a specific ministry, mission or cause, this would be an example of an offering.



The Bible teaches us a baseline standard for giving is the tithe. The word "tithe" means tenth, meaning 10% of our income. Giving our first and our best to God, through our tithe, is just one of the ways we show honor and worship to Him. 

Tithing Donations

One Time Giving Donations

ways you can donate:



Giving boxes are set up in the back of the sanctuary if you would like to give in person.


Use the above links to give online through paypal

Automatic withdrawals

You can  set up automatic payments through your own bank using your online banking feature.  This eliminates any processing fees for us.  Mail payments to: Royal Gorge Vineyard Church, 629 Harrison Avenue, Canon City, CO 81212.


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